New This Week (10/13/16): Gradual Roll Out of A/B Tests, Push Token Transparency, Email

Audience Slider for Gradual Roll Out of A/B Tests

Many customers choose to implement a two to three stage rollout process for their A/B tests, starting with a small portion of their total audience and slowly increasing the sample size to a higher percentage of the audience, until finally reaching 100%.

We've added an easy way to ramp up the audience size over time, right from the A/B test setup page. See Gradually Rolling Out A/B Tests to Your Audience for a full summary.

Push Token Logging

In an effort to provide a better historical footprint of exactly when users became eligible (or ineligible) to receive push, we have added two key pieces of information to user profile pages:

1. The date when a push token was added or removed from a user profile.

2. The reason why this change occurred. For example, the token could be moved to another user profile, the token became invalid due to uninstall, etc.

Email is here!

We're excited to announce the general availability of Leanplum Email! Now you can incorporate highly personalized, targeted emails into your triggered Lifecycle Campaigns. And just like every other messaging channel in Leanplum, every aspect of your email can be completely A/B tested. To send email campaigns, please contact or reach out directly to your customer success manager.


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