Using Saved Segments for advanced targeting

Our UI is designed to make things as quick and easy as possible to target users, but building complex logic into your Targets can become difficult, especially when trying to target based on two or more criteria with different values.

For example, we may want to target iOS users on App Version 1.0 and Android users on App Version 2.0 for the same messaging campaign. Seems pretty straightforward. But, because both criteria (OS and App Version) have different values (iOS/Android and 1.0/2.0), it gets a little tricky using our Target builder.

For advanced cases like these, it's best to use Saved Segments, which will let you build a segment with advanced targeting criteria and save it for use later anywhere in Leanplum. 

Build a Saved Segment

You can build a new Saved Segment anywhere you Target: the Message Composer, the A/B Test Composer, or the Users Dashboard. The process is the same no matter where you choose to create them.

Let's create a Saved Segment in the Message Composer for the example above, where we want to send a quick message to two groups:

  1. OS name is iOS AND App Version is 1.0
  2. OS name is Android OS AND App Version is 2.0

For the first group, we need to select Technology > OS Name from the Segment dropdown and enter "iOS", then select App Version from the dropdown and enter "1.0". Finally, click Save > Save Segment as to save this segment. We'll name it "iOS v1.0" so it's clear who we're targeting.

Likewise, we need to do the same for Android, but this time select "Android OS" and "2.0."

Important: Before saving, be sure to remove the previously-saved segment. Otherwise, the second Saved Segment will include the first Saved Segment in its logic. Let's call this one "Android v2.0."

Using a Saved Segment

Now that we have both Saved Segments, we can add them to our Target by selecting Saved Segment from the dropdown, and changing the conjunction to OR so our Target will include users that match either segment.

Using Not Saved Segment

You can also target users not matched by a Saved Segment. For the example above, we could select our "Android v2.0" Saved Segment from the Not Saved Segment option in the Add Segment menu. This would target all users not using Android OS and on App Version 2.0.

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