Setup: Email Messaging

Before you can send your first email campaign, there’s just a few things you need to do:

Enable email on your account

Email is an add-on feature that must be activated before you can get started. To enable it, you’ll need to contact your Customer Success Manager or

After enabling email, your company will be provisioned a dedicated IP address for sending email, and you’ll need to perform some domain name (DNS) configuration. Don’t worry. Your customer success manager will work with you through this process, which typically takes several business days.

To check if Email is enabled on your account:

  1. In the dashboard, hover over your name in the top-right and click “App settings.”
  2. Click “Keys & Settings” for your app.
  3. Click “Email.”

Update the App Settings for Email

Leanplum sets defaults for you, but we encourage you to check them before getting started. You can also override the defaults in the Message Composer whenever you create or edit an email message.

Under App settings > Keys & Settings > Email, you should see the following:

  1. “From” address: the email address users will see as the sender. Defaults to “”
  2. “From” name: the name users will see as the sender. Defaults to blank.
  3. Email user attribute: the user attribute where you are storing the user’s email address. Defaults to ‘email’ (lowercase). Again, you must set this in your app’s code.
  4. Recipient name: the user attribute you are using to store the user’s name. Defaults to blank.

With the Leanplum default settings, here is how an email would look to your users.

With a few quick changes (adding a custom sender name and email), emails would look like this.

Verify Leanplum has your users' email addresses

You can check to see how many valid email addresses you have in Leanplum by:

  1. Going to the User Dashboard
  2. Click the Add Segment dropdown
  3. Select User Attribute
  4. Select the attribute for email** 
  5. Click the operator is and select contains from the operator dropdown
  6. Change the value to "@"
  7. Click Search

** If no user attribute for email shows up, you'll need to modify your app's code to send us users' email address as a user attribute. Your app must send Leanplum user email addresses as a user attribute, preferably titled "email" (lowercase), for the Email feature to work.


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