Managing Saved Segments

Saved Segments in Leanplum are a very powerful tool that lets you create advanced targeting rules for messages and A/B tests. It's also a helpful tool for building a segment you plan to target for multiple campaigns.  


Saved Segments can be created in the Message Composer, A/B Test Composer, or in the Users dashboard. No matter where you do it, the process to create a Saved Segment is the same.

To create a Saved Segment:

  1. Add segment criteria by selecting options from the Add Segment dropdown.
  2. Repeat Step 1 for all of your desired segmentation criteria.
  3. Click Save or select Save Segment as from the Save dropdown.
  4. Give your Segment a name.

Caution: Be very careful when saving a new Segment that name hasn't already been used, since the new settings will overwrite any existing Segment with that name.

View details

To view the settings for a Saved Segment:

  1. Go to the User Dashboard.
  2. Click Add Segment > Contents of.
  3. Select your segment.

This will add all of the rules individually from your Saved Segment. From here, you can edit or remove the criteria (see more on editing below).


You can overwrite a Saved Segment by creating a new Segment and saving it with the same name.

However, the best way to edit a Saved Segment (and to be sure you aren't overwriting the wrong one) is to View the Details in the User Dashboard first, then make changes.

  1. View details of the Segment in the User Dashboard (see above).
  2. Add new Segment rules, or Edit the existing ones.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the Save icon. 
  4. Select Save Segment as.
  5. Enter the original name of the Saved Segment

Caution: Any changes you make to a Saved Segment will overwrite the Segment, and impact any ongoing Messaging campaign that uses it. Be very sure that this is what you want to do. Otherwise, it's best to create a new Saved Segment so current campaigns are not impacted.


Segments can be deleted anywhere they can be created. 

  1. Open the Save dropdown menu.
  2. Select your Segment from Delete Saved Segment.

Caution: Deleting a Saved Segment will impact any ongoing Messaging campaign. Be sure that no campaigns use a Saved Segment before deleting.

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