Managing saved segments

You may reach a point where you want to edit, delete, or view details for some of your existing Saved segments. You can do so from any of the places you create new segments (the Message Composer, Users Dashboard, etc.). 

For steps to create a new segment, see Building segments and targets.

View details of a saved segment

To view a segment's contents before editing:

  1. Click Add Segment in Users Dashboard (or click the All Users Dropdown in Message Composer)
  2. Select “Contents of” in the dropdown.

  3. Select the Segment you want to view details for. This will add all of the rules from the Saved segment to the Target phrase or Filter.
  4. From here, you can add, edit, or remove segment criteria (see more on editing below).

Edit a saved segment

One way to edit a Saved segment (and to be sure you aren't overwriting the wrong one) is to View the Details in the Users Dashboard first, then make changes.

  1. View details of the Segment in the Users Dashboard or Composer (see "Contents of" above).
  2. Add new segment rules or edit the existing ones.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the Save icon.

  4. Select “Save segment as...”
  5. Enter the original name of the Saved segment you are editing to overwrite that segment with your new changes.

Caution: Overwriting or changing a Saved Segment will affect any ongoing campaign that is using that segment. To prevent changes from affecting active campaigns, save a new segment with a new name.

Delete a segment

From the Users Dashboard, choose any segment criteria from the dropdown to bring up the Save icon.

Click the Save segment dropdown > Hover over “Delete saved segment” to see all available segments > Select the segment you want to delete.


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