New Beta Feature: Adding Images to Push Notifications

What it Does

Thanks for agreeing to be a beta tester for one of our newest features. Your feedback is essential to the continued improvement of the Leanplum Platform.

We're excited to now support adding images to push notifications out-of-the-box! Customers can now personalize and enhance their push notifications to create more engaging experiences for their users.

Adding an Image to a Push Notification

  1. Create a new message and select Push Notification.
  2. Choose targets.
  3. Click the Image field to choose an image.
  4. Upload an image. If possible, we recommend uploading images directly to Leanplum. Alternatively, you can provide your own image URL. JPEG, PNG, and GIF files up to 10MBs are supported. URLs must use valid HTTPS. If providing an image URL, iOS requires URLs to support TLS 1.2.
  5. Preview the push to verify the image displays on device as expected.
  6. Send the message.

Rich Push Best Practices

  • We recommend thoroughly testing on both iOS and Android devices to ensure the image is rendering as expected (see Android limitations below). 
  • It is best practice to write copy that still makes sense if seen without the added context of the image. This ensures that users on rich push-incompatible app versions will still understand the message. If you would like to send your message only to users who are rich push-compatible, reach out to your customer success manager and they can add a custom target for you.

Android Limitations

  • Android images require an aspect ratio of 2:1 (consider trying sizes 512x256, 960x480, or 1024x512). Note: iOS does not define a required aspect ratio.
  • We use the BigPicture mode for Android notifications. In this format, only 1 line of summary is shown when the message is expanded, regardless of the image size. This is enforced by Android and without having a custom layout for the push notification it is not possible to have a multiline summary with a big picture. The summary is intended to compliment the image and should be very short while the main focus should be on the image.
  • With GIFs, Android will only display a static image in the notification.

Configuring your App for Rich Push

Before you can include images in your push notifications, you should check with your development team to ensure your app has been properly configured to receive rich push.

The image will be visible only if your app is configured to support rich push, and only on devices with the minimum required OS version. Otherwise, users will see just the message text.


  • Device must be on iOS 10+
  • Create and set up a notification service extension
  • Update didReceiveRemoteNotification


  • Device must be on Android 4.1+ (API Level 16)
  • Leanplum SDK 1.3.2

Direct your development team to our Rich Push Integration Instructions to get started.

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