New This Week (10/26/2016): Filtered Metrics Beta Feature

We're very excited to announce the release of Filtered Metrics! A Filtered metric is a metric you can add to the Analytics dashboard that filters your data based on an Event parameter's value. 

If, for example, you have an Event called "Sign Up" which has a Parameter called "eventAction" with values such as Facebook, Google, email, etc. You could then define a Metric Tile called "Facebook Sign Ups" which is the occurrences of "Sign Up" only where parameter "eventAction" = "Facebook".

This provides much more customizable and useful analytics dashboards, especially for customers who frequently use event parameters.

Filtered metrics can also be used, just like any other metric, for:

  • A/B test goals
  • Custom metrics

Getting Started

Contact your CSM to be whitelisted for the Filtered Metrics feature.

Read more about how to use Filtered Metrics.

Please reach out to or directly to your customer success manager with any questions or for more info on how you could take advantage of this new functionality.




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