New This Week (11/9/2016): Improved Role Management and Event Blacklisting

New: Custom Roles and Permissions

We have completely redesigned Leanplum Roles and Permissions from the ground up! The changes allow customers to fully customize permissions to fit their unique team structure. Admins can create custom roles to mirror the responsibilities of roles within their organization. Each custom role is comprised of a set of feature-specific permissions, depending on which spaces a given role should or should not have access to.

For example, QA Testers could have Publish access to Messages, but Read-only access to Variables and UI Editor. Similarly, Product Managers could have Manage access to Variables, but Read-only access to Messages.

Improved Event Management and Blacklisting

We have added a new feature to managing Events and States that allows you to more easily remove older events.  You can now set minimum app versions for Events, specific to each platform! This allows you to deprecate events in older versions of your app(s). If, for example, you have stopped using an event in newer versions of your app, or renamed it, you can use this feature to ensure that Leanplum will not ingest those deprecated events from devices running older versions of your app. This will keep your data and dashboard clean, and keep you from hitting the 500 Event limit.

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