Send a universal link in Email

Universal links (iOS 9 and above) and App Links (Android M and above) provide a bridge between webpages and mobile apps. Rather than worry about whether or not a user has your app installed on their device, or whether or not they’re reading your email on their phone or not, you can send a normal weblink to your website that will (if universal links are enabled by your app) open the respective page/state inside your app, instead of in the browser.

Since universal links are just standard web links (with just a bit of magic behind-the-scenes from iOS and Android), they will open your app (if available), and a web browser if not. This makes life easier.

Disable link tracking to use universal links

Because of how Sendgrid handles link tracking in emails, it will require a little bit of work to get universal links working properly. You’ll need to go into the email HTML source code for your email and edit the URL by hand.

To do so:

  1. In the Message Composer, click <> to view the source code.
  2. Scroll through the code to find the link you want to be universal
  3. Add clicktracking=off to the <a href> tag.
<a clicktracking=off href="">link to your site</a>

Note: This does come with a trade-off. We do not currently support tracking (clicks) on universal links.


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