Message statuses

You can view the status of a message from the Messaging Center in the Leanplum dashboard. At the far left of the large table in the Messaging center, you'll see status indicator icon (green dot for active). These statuses are also visible for A/B tests.

Filtering and sorting messages by status makes it easier to sort through a large number of messages and find what you are looking for. 

Message status

There are four different possible statuses for messages and A/B tests:

  1. Active. Users will start receiving messages when triggered or scheduled, or users will be eligible for entry into an A/B test.
  2. Inactive. Users will not receive new messages, nor will they enter a new test. This is the status for messages that have not been sent yet, or for messages that are currently paused. Users who are already in an A/B test will start seeing the control group's view or message on their next session after a test is paused.
  3. Running. Your message is about to be sent, so it is locked to prevent changes. The status of your test or message will be "Running" when delivery has begun, but the message may still be delivered to some users later.
    For example, if your message or test is scheduled for Optimal Time or User's Timezone delivery, it may take a span of hours for the delivery time in each timezone to pass. The message status will be "Running" from the time delivery begins until the last possible delivery time passes for all of your targeted users.
  4. Finished. Your message/test is finished and no longer being sent to users. Once a message is finished, it cannot be restarted. To resend a finished message, you'll have to make a copy of the original message, then send the copy version instead of the original message.

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