How long after importing/updating users can I see them in the dashboard?


How long after importing users can I see them in the dashboard?


Once the import has finished, users are available immediately if searched by User ID in the Audiences page.

However, there can be up to 15 minutes delay until Audience rules start matching newly imported or updated users.
The delay impacts:

  • Building an Audience in the Audiences page and clicking Explore users
  • Building an audience in a Scheduled, Immediate or Recurring campaigns

The delay does not impact:

  • Building an Audience in a Triggered campaign. Such Audiences will always match the real time user data, even if the same Audiences don't match them in the Audiences page yet.
Note: Do not be alarmed if the Insights audience estimator shows incorrect user counts.  It may take 4 to 6 hours to update estimated user counts after new data is processed. Users can still be targeted during this time.


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