How to export a list of all users with their email attribute and remove it

Use case:

The following steps described how to export the email list for all users and to delete some of the user's email attributes while using the multi(CSV) upload functionality.


  1. Export CSV file with the users' ids and their email attribute via exportUsers API call. To include the email attribute you should set the userAttribute param to email
    For example:{{app id}}&clientKey={{export key}}&apiVersion=1.0.6&userAttribute=email
  2. Make a new API call with the getExportResults and the returned jobId
    to get the results.
  3. Edit the exported file by setting the following expression "{email:null}" for the email attribute for the users, for whom the email must be removed.
    You can check this article for more info on how to prepare the file.
  4. Make a new multi(CSV) upload


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