How to target users by Campaign or AB test events, that are not yet available in the autocomplete drop-down list?

Message events are processed and cached once every few hours. Sometimes you may not see message events, like Sent or Open right after you send them.

Also, in some cases you may want to build a few campaigns in advance, that depend on each-others events. However, since those events have not yet happened, they do not appear in the drop-down suggestions.

In such cases, it's still possible to target based on those events, but you would need to use the ID syntax instead.

Depending on the event and the channel, the syntax could be:

Source of event Syntax
A/B Test .a<ID>
Campaign .c<ID> <Event>
Campaign Action / Message .m<ID> <Event>

*The <> brackets must be removed.
**To find the ID, please follow the steps listed in this article:

***For a list of all events tracked by Leanplum, refer to our documentation.


  • When typing the syntax for Impression, Sent or View events, you do not need to type the names of the events.
  • Syntax is case-sensitive, and don't forget the leading dot (.)

Here are a few examples of the syntax being used with ID value of 123456:

Event Syntax

A/B Test Impression


Push Notification Sent


In-app View


Push Notification Open

.m123456 Open

Push Notification Held Back

.m123456 Held Back

Email Bounce

.m123456 Bounce

Rich Interstitial Select button 1

.m123456 Select button 1

Campaign Enter

.c123456 Enter

Campaign Exit

.c123456 Exit

Campaign Convert

.c123456 Convert


Examples as trigger events for a campaign:



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