How to check the results for the Star rating/Satisfaction Survey and group by email attribute?

The following steps describe how to check the results from the Star rating/Satisfaction Survey in-app message while using the Analitycs page


  1. Open the message/campaign where you have used this type of in-app message
    1. If you are using the MESSAGES, select View Results button Screenshot_2021-03-31_at_13.08.01.png
    2. If you are using the CAMPAIGNS, go to the Results tab, select the action and click on the Analyze action button Screenshot_2021-03-31_at_13.24.39.png
  2. Inside the Analytics page select Submit metric and group the results based on the input parameter, which contains the value selected by the user.
    To determine, who has given this answer, we can also group the data based on one unique user attribute. For purpose of this example, we will use the email attribute. Screenshot_2021-03-31_at_12.56.54.png


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