Importing emails for users that are not using Leanplum yet with the goal of engaging them

Sometimes you might need to engage users through email, but those users are not yet created on Leanplum. In those cases, the next best thing is to import their emails and create dummy User IDs for them.


WARNING: It is strongly advised against importing dummy users and their emails into your production Leanplum apps. If those users later start using your app, a second profile with the same email might be created, resulting in sending of unsolicited to the users. Leanplum does not deduplicate users based on email yet.


For purposes such as this, we recommend creating a new Leanplum app where you can import those users and safely target them with your email campaigns. Once done with the campaigns, you can safely delete those users or the entire Leanplum app. It's also not recommended to target those with long term campaigns, again, due to the above warning.

The minimum set of data you will need to import for those users is user ID and email address

Resources you will need:

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