How to target users from a specific A/B test variant

In this article, you can find how you can target users who are assigned to a specific variant of an A/B test.


  1. Export all the users from the desired A/B test. This can be done directly from the dashboard using the approach outlined in the following article:
    How can I export all the users who are part of an A/B test together with their variant?
  2. Open the CSV file, extract only the users from the desired variant and add them to a separate CSV file;
  3. At this point there are two options available to target these users:
    1. Set a custom user attribute with a specific value for all the users from the desired variant;
      1. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a CSV upload:
        Import user data with a CSV file upload
      2. After the attribute is uploaded you can target all the users who have the custom user attribute set with the specific value;
    2. Send an empty webhook and use its "Sent" event as a target.
      1. Navigate to the "Messages" page;
      2. Create a new immediate Webhook message;
      3. Leave the URL field empty;
      4. As a target use the "Upload List" functionality where you have to provide the new CSV file that contains only users from the desired A/B test variant. This targeting feature is behind a whitelist. If it is not available please send an email to and your application will be whitelisted;
      5. Send the message. This will not send anything to the targeted users. The idea is to use the "Sent" event of the webhook as a target. This way the users from the desired variant can be targeted.
NOTE: You have to keep in mind that the "Upload List" targeting supports only CSV files with up to 100k users. If the A/B test variant contains more than 100k users the best option is to use the CSV upload to add a custom user attribute. it.

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