How to both enable click tracking and retain deep link functionality in emails

Leanplum has click tracking turned on by default with our email provider. This means any URLs inserted into emails will be wrapped in another URL. When the user opens the link, they first pass through the custom click tracking URL and then are forwarded to the final destination.

This breaks normal functionality of deep links and universal links, if any are used in the email. The reason is the wrapper link will always lead the user to the browser first, later executing the deep/universal link. This experience is not optimal, so you have the option to disable click tracking for deep links.


This guide, however, will explain how you can perform a technical setup to have both correct deep/universal link behavior and click tracking enabled in Leanplum.


  1. The guide technical setup guide is here:
  2. All the points in he Requirements section must be covered
    ***Step 5 (link-branding) is already completed on Leanplum's side, if you use email with us
  3. Once completed, you can start flagging your universal/deep links in the HTML

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