Can I add a video in my email campaign?

At this time, the email system and all of the email providers do not support playing a vide inside of an email. However, there is a way to still insert a video hyperlink in your emails, that will lead the user to the proper website for video playback.


Add a video in the Drag&Drop email editor:

  1. Open your Drag&Drop email action or template
  2. Navigate to Content
  3. Drag the Video block
  4. Provide the URL to your video
    RESULT: The thumbnail of the video will be inserted as an image, which leads to the video platform on click.
NOTE: If your video URL is not supported by the Video content block, simply insert an Image block and hyperlink it to lead to your video.


Add a video in the HTML editor:

Similarly to the note above, add an image tag wrapped in an anchor tag. The result is an image that leads to a vide on click. Example:

<a href=""> <img src=""></a>

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