Unique user analytics are not available


Why am I seeing this message over the graph for the analysis?





As per the documentation article linked in the error message, (https://docs.leanplum.com/docs/unique-user-metrics) if you try to view a unique metric when one or more of the following scenarios are true, you will see an error message overlaid on top of the graph like in the screenshot you provided and "N/A" on the Unique User metric tile.

  • Viewing a User Activity report (outside of A/B test or message analytics)
  • Date range does not include the start date of the A/B test or message
  • If any Filter or Group is added
  • If actual values are selected (unique reports should be viewed cumulatively).

Currently, this is a limitation in our analytics module.

However, we offer the possibility to export the raw session data through our exportData API call (docs). This will output all the session data in CSV or JSON format, for each user that was active for that period. The session data will include all the events made in each user session for the given period. This will allow you to sieve the raw data and get the needed analysis results outside of the analytics module of Leanplum.

Here is a useful article which explains in detail the raw data export via the API: https://docs.leanplum.com/docs/exporting-raw-data-via-the-api

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